City provides update on Santa Fe work

*Photo courtesy of Salina Journal

On June 22, 2019, the Salina Post reported that on Tuesday, June 25, Smoky Hill Construction will be reopening northbound Santa Fe between Iron Avenue and Ash Street and closing the Santa Fe and Ash Street intersection. 

Southbound Santa Fe, however, will be closed until completion of the construction, which is expected at the end of July. 

Commuters should be aware that Ash Street will also be closed from Santa Fe Avenue to Seventh Street. Travelers driving eastbound on Ash Street will now have to take a quick detour off Seventh Street. 

All businesses in this work area will be accessible with parking in the back along Seventh Street.

Travelers going northbound on Santa Fe will still be able to continue north or turn east on Ash Street.

Read more about downtown’s street construction here.

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