Wages are on the Rise In Saline County

KSAL recently reported that wages are ticking upward in Saline County.

The Kansas Department of Commerce released a wage study last month, conducted to track the change in median pay. The study, based on 800 standardized occupations nationwide, found that the mid-range of pay rose from $15.85 in 2017 to $17.32 an hour in 2018 in Salina County. 

The strong economy, low unemployment, and the increase of discretionary funds to reinvest in the local community are just some of the factors affecting the pay increase.

The study on wage increase does not reflect the jobs that I Vision (Aviation) is bringing to Salina Airport. These jobs are expected to continue to push the median county wage upward.

With the increase in median pay, it is hoped that a larger and better workforce will emerge in Salina and Salina County.

Read more about Salina County’s wage increase here.

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