Salina 2020 members were inspired by a small group of downtown proponents that had already begun investing in the area. Brian Richardson, Pat Beatty, and others had presented the idea of a downtown Fieldhouse capable of hosting sizable sports tournaments. Additionally, Assurance Partners had recently completed a new, high-quality building for their corporate offices. Some of these same people were also renovating buildings for first-floor retail and second floor lofts. These early projects were the catalysts for what became an effort to revitalize the entire downtown area. According to the Salina 2020 plan, the total investment is expected to exceed $160 million and stand as one of the largest public-private partnerships in the history of the city.

Private investment is expected to exceed over $105 million, as of today. A large portion of the project’s financing will come from the increased sales tax generated by visitors traveling to Salina from a broad area to experience a vibrant, unique and a one-of-a-kind downtown.